Get FREE AntiVirus
Software from Google:

*Google Pack also includes many
other optional free programs in addition
to Free Antivirus by Spyware Doctor.

NortonNorton Security Scan Download:

• Scans & Removes Viruses and Worms
from your computer.

• Norton downloads free Virus Definition
updates to protect your computer from
the latest Virus threats!

Norton AntiVirus includes unlimited
Virus definition updates for free!

• Download Norton from Symantec here.

»Want more info before you download?  View Norton Screenshots, Reviews, or
View Directions to Download Norton & Google Pack Software.

Other free GooglePack software (optional):

Spyware Doctor Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus:
 • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware program.
 • Easily remove Viruses, Spyware,
and Adware from your computer.
 • Screenshots & more info.

RealPlayer RealPlayer:
 • Plays almost any media format.
 • Plays downloaded audio/video, or
even store bought CDs & DVDs.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Earth Google Earth:
 • Combines satellite images & maps.
 • Find maps, driving directions, & more
with Google's 3D Earth Browser!
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Desktop Google Desktop:
 • Google's computer search technology.
 • Use the power of Google to quickly
search for files on your computer!
 • Screenshots & more info.

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox:
 • Award-winning Web Browser.
 • CNET and PC Magazine Editors'
Choice awards for 2006.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Adobe Reader Adobe Reader:
 • PDF file reader.
 • Allows you to View, print and search
through Adobe's PDF files.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Picasa Google Picasa:
 • Easily edit & fix your digital pictures.
 • Locates, organizes, and allows you to
share pictures on your PC.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Toolbar Google Toolbar:
 • Easily use Google's search without
having to visit
 • Blocks popups; many other features.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Photos Screensaver Google Photos Screensaver:
 • Turns your personal photos into a
screensaver and much more!
 • Screenshots & more info.

Google Talk Google Talk:
 • Talk with your friends via IM or free
voice calls with Google Talk.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Skype Skype:
 • Free voice and video calls to any
Skype user over the internet.
 • Screenshots & more info.

Note Note:
 • Not all programs are available to all
users. Software availability depends
on your operating system.

* Download only the software you want - all free from Google!

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